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This massage connects the emotional & physical bodies.  I will use emotion code techniques ,breathwork ,  warm bamboo lymphatic massage, cranial sacral therapy , face reflexology, a detox abdominal clay mask & massage that ends with a therapeutic rebozo stretching. Our bodies are wired for connection and survival. Touch taps into that, allowing the body to speak, letting go of that which doesn’t serve us.

Our subconscious controls 90% of our life choices. When we suppress emotions &/or parts of ourselves to keep pain from intensifying or spreading. Imbalances often occur when we resist an emotion and its natural path through the body. Resistance can cause an emotion to lock into body tissue, eventually leading to physical ailments .Our feelings come from our nervous system- Here is a great article that expands on Trapped Emotions . 

New Clients & Members Rates
$185 | 90 minutes

Members Rates
$235 | 90 min.​

How Does Trauma Affect the Nervous System?

Traumatic events push the nervous system outside its ability to regulate itself.  People can alternate between these highs and lows. When our bodies stay in the ready-to-react mode. This physical state of hyperarousal is stressful for every system in the body.
When the nervous  system gets stuck in the “on” position, the person may be :
  • Overstimulated and unable to calm
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Restlessness
  • Panic
  • Hyperactivity
When the nervous system is stuck in the “off” position it can result in:
  • Depression
  • Disconnection
  • Fatigue
  • Lethargy
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How Does Trauma Cause Physical Pain?

When trauma is trapped, your body feels it and your brain tries to make sense of it. But it does not recognize the difference between physical or emotional danger – that’s why your heart may physically hurt during heartbreak. The nervous system of people who have experienced ongoing trauma such as children raised in abusive homes becomes conditioned to exist in a state of fear. That state can continue into adulthood, triggered by things that would seem utterly unrelated to the childhood trauma.  

How is trauma is stored in our bodies’ muscles and connective tissues ?   Muscle tissue and cells can store memories small, unconscious contraction form in the muscle as a protective reminder of the painful experience. When these unconscious contractions are not released, they can spread strain to other parts of the body. Usually your body will adjust to these strain patterns and will begin to feel normal. However, later in life, these strain patterns can eventually cause chronic pain of which the cause is unrecognized.

Releasing soft tissue tension & blocked energy flow  can facilitate the release of emotional trauma and the resolution of physical symptom. Durring your session you will supported in your healing process.