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Do you feel disconnected? Not seen or heard? A lack of connection or focus? Are you wanting to feel calm, highly creative, operating from a place to create action from idea? 

Low-vibe energy transfers feel like high, tight shoulders; a stiff neck; headaches; jumping awake when you're falling asleep; sudden fluttering anxiety in your chest; teeth grinding; and/or jaw clenching.

I am practicing my grandmothers medicine Limpias combined with Breath work  Reiki, & Chakra Balancing therapies & Ancestor work.  Leave feeling clearer, calmer, and more centered.

What are LImpas?  Limpias are love-infused ancestor connecting healing rituals. Limpias are an energetic cleansing using various tools, such as  copal, uncooked egg, healing herbs in a variety of preparations, including infusions, tinctures, or in natural form, & a drum or sound bowls. Limpias are  meant to harmonize imbalanced physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual aspects

What happens during energic session?  You and the items you bring will be smudged with copal and your ancestors will be called in. As you are being smudged we will focus intention.  Then an uncooked egg or herbs depending on the clearing purpose will start at the top of your head down to your feet. While clearing we will focus on breathwork.  While on the table I will apply a  detoxifying clay abdominal mask,  balance chakras and end with a healing abdominal massage, sound therapy &  gentle stretches with a rebozo (scarf) will be incorporated to help release the body and bring harmony to your mind, body, and spirit.

Things to Bring: 

  1. Small Glass Jar

  2. An Offering for the Alter  - Suggestions Link 

New Clients & Members Rates
$185 | 90 minutes

Members Rates
$235 | 90 min.​

Everything is made of energy, and it's very easy for that energy to build up and bring you down. You're likely already clearing your home of physical clutter—so why not tend to its energetic clutter?


Energy Massage

Science has proven that everything, all matter in the universe is energy, everything has its own vibration and frequency. Energetic Bodywork,s a hands-on body/mind therapy that addresses healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. It helps clear any mental or physical roadblocks you may be experiencing. It reinforces the balance of the chakras while instilling a deep sense of relaxation to reduce stress, stabilize moods and generates a feeling of calmness, wholeness and tranquility.


Ideal Times to Receive a Blessing/Cleansing:
  • Yearly or at an anniversary

  • At the beginning of a New Year

  • Beginning a new relationship

  • You FEEL like you’re stuck and need a change

  • When getting married

  • The birth of a child

  • The beginning of a new business or endeavor

  • Moving to a new home

  • Relocating a new business or location

  • If the energy feels stale or SLOW

  • If life seems hard or frustrating

  • After buying a new vehicle

  • After a divorce

  • After a death or passing

  • After the ENDING of a relationship

  • Before selling a home or business

  • When you feel negative or depressed like

  • Opening a new hotel or establishment

  • Remodeling or updating a property

  • After a long sickness or illness

  • After a large party, event or long term visitor

  • Opening of a restaurant

  • Purchasing a business or restaurant

  • New boat or vessel


Our home is a sanctuary and should be a place of peace and love; a place where we raise a family, a place that we can relax and enjoy ourselves.

Since everything is energy, our homes absorbs and holds onto our emotions and the emotions of those who have lived there.

We recommend a blessing/cleansing

  • When purchasing or renting a new home

  • Financial difficulties

  • Emotional turmoil

  • Paranormal activity

  • If you’re feeling stuck, negative, sluggish, or even slightly depressed


When you walk into your office what does it feel like? 

  • Is there a lack of motivation ?

  • Does it feel heavy?

  • Is there high turnover ?

  • Persistent fatigue and exhaustion?

  • Increased conflicts?

  • Blocks of creativity and productivity?

  • Business difficulties?

  • Did the business that was in your office space prior fail?