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Ideal for 1-2 muscle groups  $125


Ideal for 3-5 muscle groups  $185

(Note: In- office visits first time clients only. No Cash Value.)

What To Expect ?



The first session consists of client intake , range of motion & posture assessment. 

I always recommend a 90-minute session if you have more than two spots you need therapeutic work done on or if you are seeking a full body session. This way there is no rushing or having to skip over anything. The last thing I want is for my clients to feel shorted.

45-minute session-your session will be focused on a few adjacent areas of the body rather than the full thing.


Arrive 5 mins before appointment to get the full time of your scheduled appt. Please review our policies .


The intake interview is very important. We will be asking about your current symptoms (if any) and pertinent medical history. This information allows us to design a treatment plan tailored to your therapeutic goals. It also helps us avoid any areas that may be prone to injury or exacerbation. The interview process will take anywhere from 5-10 minutes for an average client.


A card is require on file but will not be charged unless you request it or you do not adhere to the Cancellation/No- Show policy. We accept cash, check, credit/debit cards, Venmo, Zelle,  As a medical practice tipping is not accepted. The best tip is your repeated business, reviews, and referrals.

Please wear athletic attire such as Athletic Shorts, or Swimsuits as active stretching will be involved. You will remain carefully draped throughout the entire massage to maintain privacy and respect.

Right after your massage therapy, you will likely feel more relaxed and rested than when you came in. The day after your therapy, you may feel a bit sore. This is actually a normal occurrence for many types of this therapy. During a Therapeutic Massage I utilize cross-fiber friction, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release to "work out " the knots in your muscles. Massage it comparable to a strenuous workout, after which your muscles may be sore.


Another factor that can cause soreness after this therapy is dehydration. If your muscles are not hydrated enough to be pliable, they will be sore the next day. That's why we recommended being hydrated for your appointment & to drink half your weight in ounces of water after your session. Your increased circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid means the toxins they transport will be released into your kidneys in higher concentration. Drinking water will help move those toxins out of your body through your urinary system. Be sure to get lots of rest. Try not to schedule anything after your massage. Instead, use that time to let your body heal.

Check out the Pain Relief Blog for Stretches and Self Massage Info.

Why trust me with your pain relief?  

I have dedicated 10+yrs as a Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist prolonging sports careers by helping professional athletes, weekend warriors & youth athletes reduce the possibility of injury and the loss of mobility. I am also a lifelong student of my Mexican grandmothers ancestral medicine and constantly adding trainings & certifications to help my clients.


Your nervous system guides almost everything you do, this complex system is the command center for your body. The nerve trunk that supplies a specific joint also supplies the muscles of the joint, as well as the tendons, skin and related muscles. It regulates your body’s systems and allows you to experience your environment.


Pain has a pattern and tends to travel diagonal - so for instance if you tell me that your right shoulder has pain or is limited in range of motion -  then I will work on the 21 muscles that cause shoulder pain and assess your left Hip /Low Back/ Knee or Foot. I am proud to say I have helped people of all walks of life.

The mind body connection is powerful & as a trauma informed therapist I will be asking for consent throughout the massage. I will inform you of what tools & what area I will be working on prior to touch as well as checking in regards to your comfort & pressure. When I am on a trigger point the intensity will subside in about 15 seconds past that its to much pressure. Taking deep long breaths to help your muscles relax faster into the work. 


Massage should feel good to you.  We will use a pressure & intensity scale of 1 to 10. There's a really fine line between to much and not enough.  I need your partnership to delivery a great massage so I want you to feel comfortable speaking up either way. Open communication is very important I have no idea what an 5 pressure is for you if might be a 4 or 8 for me. Feel free to clue me in at any point when I reach 5 on the  pressure & intensity scale.  There is nothing worse when getting a massage and wishing the therapist was using more or less pressure or spending more time in specific area and not feeling like you can speak up. I am counting on your feedback.  I will adjust anything at anytime in order to make you more comfortable.  I look forward to getting you pain relief  you deserve! ​


Please Review our Cancellation, Inclusivity Statement , Card on File , Client Satisfaction,  Inappropriate Behavior & Late policies 


Lets Talk About What Massage Actually Does?


When the body feels safe, relaxed and acknowledged, it can prevent and rehabilitate injuries, increase physical function and performance, and relieve pain symptoms. Therapeutic massage therapy offers restoration that our bodies need to return to homeostasis and to heal. 


As a Medical based practice I don't accept tips... However as a "word of mouth" business the best compliment you can give is a Referral!
Thank You !

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