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On Set Chair/ table Massage for Cast & Crew
Massage on set is a great way to  boost energy and keep everyone focused and on track.
  • It reduces mental stress and tension
  • Prevents injuries
  • Rejuvenates and re-energizes
Massage on set helps everyone relax and recharge. From  A-list to hairdressers, costume designers, medics, makeup, sound, lighting, prop and set workers all work long hours and deserve a massage. It’s amazing how  attitudes changes just knowing they can get a massage.  Producers and directors are usually knotted up due to high stress &  going 24/7.
We can deliver serenity to any set, whether it’s in a cold airplane hangar, on a windy mountain, outside an abandoned shipyard, or in the middle of the night with special-effects explosives detonating in the background.
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Are you a performer, artist or musician 

We understand that being on the road can take its toll on you. Perform night after night with the same intensity as a professional athlete and we understand the strain and stress the body undergoes and the care required to prevent injury and to meet the demands of living on the road!  Let us help support and keep you healthy during your stay, whether you have an injury or just need to relax & recover. 

A Musician’s Tuning 

The positioning of the body to play many musical instruments is asymmetrical. For example, playing a guitar or double bass, one arm is up, and one is down, and each does something different – fretting versus plucking, strumming, or bowing. Or the violin, where the head and chin tuck to the instrument.

Focal Dystonia a neurological movement disorder that has no cure but can be managed


Repetitive Motion Injuries / Tendonitis More typically with musicians I see issues akin to repetitive motion injuries and tendonitis. Practicing and playing hours a day will use the same muscle groups over and over, with the potential for contracted muscles, localized fascia shortening around them, and entrapped/inflamed nerves.


Back Massage

We Come To You!

 If your tour is visiting the area for an extended time, we can set-up numerous treatments throughout the week to support individual performers and the cast/crew or set-up backstage before the show to support the entire cast.

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