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Meet the 10 Muscles Causing Your Chest Pain

Updated: Jan 8

OC Pain Relief & Bodywork & OC TriAthlete Massage Pain Relief for Chest Pain.

To state the obvious, any left sided chest pain should be taken seriously and checked out by a medical doctor before assuming that your pain is not related to your heart.

Tightness and pain are common in abdominal and chest muscles, however, treatment of these muscles is often neglected in massage therapy. Massaging the stomach area seems strange or threatening to most patients. Despite that, once they receive the massage, they describe their experience as feeling lighter, more integrated, calmer, or more energized

Sometimes the actual problem is not really in your chest even though you think it is. Sometimes it's in another area of the body and the pain is referring to the hip. This is why having a skilled massage therapist knowledgeable in referral pain is important.

  1. Pectoralis Major

  2. Pectoralis Minimus

  3. Scalene

  4. Sternocleidomastoid

  5. Sternalis

  6. Intercostals

  7. Subclavius

  8. Abdominal Obliques

  9. Serratus Anterior

  10. Latissimus Dorsi


See the referral pain below:


Right after your massage therapy, you will likely feel more relaxed and rested than when you came in. The day after your therapy, you may feel a bit sore. This is actually a normal occurrence for many types of this therapy. During a Therapeutic Massage I utilize cross-fiber friction, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release to "work out " the knots in your muscles. Massage it comparable to a strenuous workout, after which your muscles may be sore. Another factor that can cause soreness after this therapy is dehydration. If your muscles are not hydrated enough to be pliable, they will be sore the next day. That's why we recommended being hydrated for your appointment & to drink half your weight in ounces of water after your session.


Book Your session today and lets create a plan to get your out of pain, get your range of motion back and prevent injury.

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