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Meet the 16 Muscles Causing Your Head Pain

Updated: Jan 8

OC Pain Relief & Bodywork / TriAthlete Massage Pain Relief for Head Pain.

Do you get frequent headaches? Are your migraines unbearable? Do you have sinus pressure or Toothache like pain but no cavities? Do you have TMJ or Grind your teeth? Did you wake up with a stiff neck? Do you have Tinnitus (ringing in your ears)? Do you have vertigo or feel dizzy often.? Are you drooling in your sleep or having difficultly swallowing.?

Sometimes the actual problem is not really in your head even though you think it is. Sometimes it's in another area of the body and the pain is referring to your head. This is why having a skilled massage therapist knowledgeable in referral pain is important.

See the referral pain below: you can put pressure on the X for 10 to 20sec and may feel the referral pain in the blue areas


Book Your session today and lets create a plan to get your out of pain, get your range of motion back and prevent injury.

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