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This massage focuses on muscles used to continue your sports career &/or  hobby  with concentrated work on restricted joints , tendon, and fascial tissue. There are over  640 muscles in the human body each sport utilizes a specific set of muscles a knowledgeable Therapeutic Sport Therapist will release the tight opposing muscles ,activating the inactive muscles & fascia. I help professional athletes to weekend warriors reduce the possibility of injury and the loss of mobility, especially in high-risk areas and potential trouble spots (i.e. Lower back, rotator cuff, knee) prolonging their sports careers.
Pain many be inevitable but suffering is optional book your appointment today!  


Mindset impacts sport performance specifically, mindset defines an athlete’s belief about oneself and ones most basic qualities, such as talent, intelligence, and personality. How are your unconscious  belief systems affecting your performance? Bodywork allows our bodies to release what we hold on to.


Stretch Therapy treats tight muscles and restricted joints , tendon, and fascia tissue that cause movement distortions, aches and pains, and increased risk of injury. Increasing the flexibility of the tissues around a joint will increase its range of motion.

I use techniques such as:  neuromuscular,  myofascial release, active range of motion movements IASTM tools & Hyperice compression equipment therapies and many more depending on your wellness goals.

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