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Post-Massage Care:
Getting The Most Out Of Your Massage

Back Massage

Right after your massage therapy, you will likely feel more relaxed and rested than when you came in. The day after your therapy, you may feel a bit sore. This is actually a normal occurrence for many types of this therapy. During a Therapeutic Massage I utilize cross-fiber friction, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release to "work out " the knots in your muscles. Massage it comparable to a strenuous workout, after which your muscles may be sore.

Be & Stay Hydrated:
Another factor that can cause soreness after therapy is dehydration. If your muscles are not hydrated enough to be pliable, they will be sore the next day. That's why we recommended being hydrated for your appointment & to drink half your weight in ounces of water after your session.  Example: a 150 lbs person should drink 75 ounces or 9 cups of water.  The first few hours after a massage, avoid caffeine and alcohol, which are dehydrating.


Tools I Recommend :


Invest in Regular Massage.
Overextending yourself financially won't leave you feeling relaxed no matter how experienced your massage therapist is. With a membership, your monthly massage are affordable and accounted for.

Drinking Water after Workout
Trainer with Towel

Your Muscles Love Moist Heat 

  1. Use a Towel large enough to wrap area of stuffiness or pain. 

  2. Wet Towel and wring out the excess water place in microwave for 2 mins (Be careful do not burn yourself) 

  3. Wrap area and do the range of motion (See videos below)


Slowly and carefully rotate your head, attempting to touch your chin to your chest, and then all of the way back.

Gym Workout

Move your arms up and down, to both sides, and shrug and lower your shoulders.

bracelet on arm

With your arm flat, gently point your hand up, and then down, or rotate your wrist. Flipping your palm will also improve range of motion.


Stretch and contract the fingers, touch your thumb to each finger, and spread your fingers apart.

Legs Workout

Keeping your back flat, lie on the ground and bring your knee toward your chest. Or, raise your leg while keeping it straight.

Bare Feet

With your toes on the floor, raise your heels as high as possible, or rotate your ankles


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