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What is Yoni Steaming?

V-steaming has been around for centuries, and some say it can help increase energy, reduce stress and balance hormones.  Yoni steam treatment cleanses & sooths the vagina and uterus, regulating the menstrual cycle, easing cramps & bloating, aiding in healing after childbirth. The practice can also be very meditative.

We use a comfortable Yoni seat that you squat or sit over steaming water that is infused with herbs.  A blanket is wrapped around the lower body to prevent the steam from escaping.

Yoni steam herbs mixture is a combination of the  following herbs dependent  on your specific needs and wants:

  • Basil (cleansing)

  • Rosemary (anti-bacterial and anti-microbial)

  • Oregano (antiseptic)

  • Calendula (anti-inflammatory)

  • Motherwort (cleansing, pain-relieving)

  • Mugwort (all purpose)

  • Lavender (anti-microbial)

  • Marigolds (anti-inflammatory)

  • Thyme (anti-bacterial and anti-microbial)

  • Yarrow 

Here is a great article that can answer many questions Link 

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