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There are over 640 muscle in body each sports uses different muscle. For the last 10+yrs I have prolonging sports careers by helping professional athletes, weekend warriors & youth athletes reduce the possibility, of injury and the loss of mobility, especially in high-risk areas and potential trouble spots (i.e. Lower back, shoulder, knee).


Improves athletic performance, endurance and mental focus. Improves circulation while preventing injuries & reducing injury recovery time.


Youth athletes, experience all the aches and pains their adult counterparts do.  Over training, lack of rest, lack of stretching, all combined with explosive movements can cause the most resilient child athlete to injure themselves.I help extend the life of their Sporting Careers by keeping  their body properly tuned up to prevent injuries.


Stretch Therapy treats tight muscles and restricted joints , tendon, and fascia tissue that cause movement distortions, aches and pains, and increased risk of injury. Increasing the flexibility of the tissues around a joint will increase its range of motion.

I use techniques such as:  neuromuscular,  myofascial release, active range of motion movements IASTM tools & Hyperice compression equipment therapies and many more depending on your wellness goals.

$125 | 45 minutes
Members Rates
(3) 45-min Appts to be used within 3 months. Saves you 20% or $75 off non member rates.
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